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10.02.2014 08:54

On leaving the Edelweiss and Gurgl after a hearty breakfast the group had mixed feelings about the day ahead. It was snowing heavily and some were wondering whether they should make the most of the hotel spa! However, most of us were excited about the fresh tracks waiting to be made. After a warm up run from the top of Hohe Mut we decided to stay low to get better visibility and keep out of the wind. We had a fabulous morning playing in the off piste from the Steinmann lift. The boarders occasionally needed a helping hand when they got buried in the snow! For one skier in the group it was his first ever foray off piste and he made a sterling effort despite being on narrow skis. Nevertheless he did have some spectacular face plants! The small bushes provided us with a natural slalom course. We dived into David's hut for a drink stop and some people opted for a tot of rum to go with their hot chocolate! At this point we gained a group memeber as it was obvious how much fun we were having.

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Aprés Ski in der Nederhütte

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On each run we manged to find fresh snow. At lunchtime we rang the Schonwies hut and they came to pick us up. This involved holding onto a rope and being pulled along by a snowmobile. The boarders climbed aboard with one of them sitting in the ski pole basket! The downhill section was a challenge as it required an assertive snowplough not to end up on the snowmobile! The hut itself was cosy and we pigged out on apple strudel and pancakes for pudding. We reckoned we'd burnt off a few calories in the snow! The way back to the resort was interesting as it was difficult to make out the route but we all made it safely. The lifts closed all too soon and we headed for the Neder hut to dance on the tables to the live music played by the resident band! After a hearty dinner back at the hotel some of us even had the energy to play skittles at the Alpenland hotel. Yours truly was useless with most balls ending up in the gutter. I think i'll stick to skiing!


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