Skiing area Obergurgl -Hochgurgl
18.02.2014 16:59

Top- quality skiing from mid - November until May

In Obergurgl nearly all the slopes will take you to the main entrance of your hotel. There is hardly any waiting time as the 24 lifts have a capacity of up to 39,400 skiers per hour. if you travel should visit hotel obergurgl info at: hotel obergurgl

24 lifts , including six 8- person gondolas, one six -person gondola , two six - seater chair lifts with wind protection shields , four four - seater chair lifts with wind protection shields , one 4 - seater chair lifts , T- bar lifts eight and two Conveyors .

Beginners and novice skiers are invited to ski at Gaisberg lift , or the lift Mahdstuhl practicing slope featuring a beginner 's lift . Advanced skiers find a truly unique sports paradise in the Festkogl in Obergurgl ski area and along the ski trail Schermerspitze - which are intermediate Both of difficulty . Real experts can conquer the steep Hohe Mut ski run in Obergurgl and the challenging mogul piste down from Top - Wurmkogl II in Hochgurgl .


Since the winter season 1997/98 This 8 -person gondola connects the ski areas of Obergurgl and Hochgurgl eightminute Within a short ride . The 3.6km long gondola features 50 cabins and has an hourly capacity of 1,200 persons. High above Königstal and Verwalltal valley skiers can admire the stunning Alpine scenery and the surrounding glaciers while enjoying a unique panoramic gondola ride With This.

Enjoy great fun on powder snow or névé snow on the slopes of Obergurgl-Hochgurgl. Almost all the slopes end in the village. A free shuttle service is offered between the different ski stations in Obergurgl, visiting http://www.gurglhof.at/.

In addition to events, the weekly highlights and night skiing will make your stay in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl an eventful holiday.

It doesn't always have to be skiing: Winter enthusiasts can live it up in the snow even off the slopes and enjoy winter in all its facets.


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